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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Falling leaves

Here on the east coast, autumn is beginning to show her lovely face. She brings with her change. Children go back to school, the cooler mornings bring changing wardrobe needs.....hmm, when do we give up the flip flops? Pumpkin flavored everything is beginning to show up, and that extra blanket at night feels oh so snuggly. I was enjoying my snuggly blanket yesterday morning, not planning on moving, relaxing and studying on my couch when i got a message from a friend, they weren't well and could I cover their class. Damn. Ok. Change in plans, acceptance....Fifteen minutes later I was on the way out my door, no idea what my bhavana, or for those of you unfamiliar with "yoga speak", my intention for class was going to be. Looked down, and there was a brilliant scarlet leaf with yellow veins running through it at my feet. Ahhh, thank you universe.... for the grace of planting the seed of an idea. Made it on time, and shared the experience of a lovely class with a lovely group. Beautiful day out, and decided to go with the wind  sincethe plans for the day changed and let it take me for one last hurrah and drove myself down to the beach.  Catch some sun and study  the copius amount of material I have for homework.( I am back in school once again to become an Ayurvedic practitioner, and yes, there is ALOT!) On the way, noticed so many little groups of leaves changing, beautiful scarlet is the predominent color, signs of the change to come. The beach was lovely, much less crowded. The water was different, much bluer, and the waves were large. Alot of surfers enjoying the sets that rolled in one after another.Walking down the beach and really enjoying the sun, sand, and sky, I hear my name and start....( I am very good at getting lost in myself!) it was said friend!  Funny how things go if we just  allow ourselves to take change, whether big or small, at face value ...accept it, meet it with grace, and let things flow seemlessly.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Light the Candle

Yesterday I was watching a candle flickering warmly in my new space and just enjoying how simple but beautiful it was. Warming, illuminating. The glow of the flame lighting up it's surroundings.  It got me thinking. That candle is inside us- we all have the capability to light up the area around us. But, first we have to light the match; there needs to be the spark that lights that flame of illumination. It involves opening ourselves up and sharing our light with others. For some of us that comes easy, for some not so easy. We were taught after all, to be safe-"don't play with fire or you'll get burned."  It can be scary, make you vulnerable, doubt yourself. But really it's that burning  flame that purifies, it brings a lightness to us that comes from seeing ourselves as we are and sharing ourselves with others. Reflecting. We are living in a strange time....there is so much darkness out there in the world, but so much potential for light. If we take that chance, if we use that light to let ourselves shine and then light other "candles" from our own, the world is going to continue to grow in brightness and the shadows will  fade away. We have the choice to stay in darkness, or we can light the match and let our candles glow. Lighting the way for others. Alone we are bright, but when we all shine together ........we become brilliant.