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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The 3 Faces of Eve; Empowering the Goddess Within

The number 3. It manifests in so many practices. The aspect of the Trinity runs across many spiritual traditions. The power of three has a deep power of mysticism about it. We will be approaching a celebration of Navaratri  in India. A celebration of the Devi that lasts for 9 days, 3 devoted to each of the Goddesess  Durga, Lakshmi , & Saraswati.  Each of these archetypes have a different quality, mythology, & power. A trinity.  It is their power that is contained within us, in different times, and we can tap into this connection. This is something to celebrate this, treat women as aspects of the Goddess that resides within the heart. That is not always the case.
Right now in the US, there is a lot of press about a football player that beat his fiancĂ©. The press is all over it, controversy abounds. I was going into tap a MAC machine yesterday, and behind me there were two men, I held the door for them, while listening to them laughing about the situation, oblivious to the fact that a woman was in front of them, oblivious to the wrong, and accepting the act. I kept my mouth shut, but perhaps in retrospect I shouldn't. Will never know for sure if my words could have made them think.  Their mother, sister, daughter.....  In many places around the globe women's rights are non existent, and violence to women is still accepted culturally. Sex trafficking happens right under the noses of suburbia. We can do better, for ourselves, and our sisters.
Standing strong, recognizing &  embracing the power of these archetypes can support , connect, & empower us as a collective and raise our consciousness.

Durga, the fierce one. She is the mother Goddess that is loving, strong, and fiercely protective. She is depicted as having 8 arms, a weapon in each, astride a tiger. Think of the qualities of a mother. Loving, protective, but when someone threatens harm upon her children, watch her roar. She can move mountains. She is the aspect within us that transcends the ego, she is courage and strength.
Lakshmi, is beauty. She represents SRI, the Beauty, Abundance, and Value that resides within each of us. She is soft, lustrous, shown in pink & gold  standing on a lotus. She is Ojas, the life force, vitality, & rejuvenation. Love, harmony, & kindness radiate from her. Laksmhi is our sense of self worth and the beauty that permeates the universe and resides within our heart.
Saraswati is introspection, innovation, and intelligence. She brings the ideas within to life; she is the written word a& the musical note that allows us expression and connects us all, even though she herself is seen as aloof. She has more important things to do. She is intention. She is blues and greens, she rides a swan, and is playing  the instrument  sarod, It is said when she touches the deaf & dumb, the words pour like honey. The part of us that speaks our truth and creates authenticity.
Meditating on these Goddesses and the powers they embody can bring a new connection to our selves, and help us grow, and heal old wounds. She gives permission to be ourselves They
 give the answers to the questions, we just need to ask.
I offer the following meditation to embody the Devi within you...
Take the time to be sure you will be undisturbed for an hour. If you can bathe with some lavender and rose petals.  Light some candles, and find a place  that calls to you. Sit & close the eyes, and take a few calming, releasing breaths to get grounded. In your minds eye, look within your spiritual heart.
As you focus inward, you see a form, the form of 3 female shapes back to back in a circle. A trinity. You move closer, & and the form of Durga comes into focus. See her strong, beautiful, and holds her space. She welcomes you with a mother's smile. Look at the face of the warrior within, and ask
"WHAT MAJOR OBSTACLES DO I NEED TO LET GO OF"  Listen to what comes, offer it up to Durga. Feel her strength  within you.
She smiles and fades, as the circle turns and the radiant sunset colors of Lakshmi glow around you. You gaze into the benevolent, soft beauty of  her face. Flowers bloom at her feet. She extends her hand and offers you the boon of acceptance....the acceptance of the melting beauty that resides in your heart. Acceptance of your personal value, your personal beauty, and that you have everything you need in your abundant heart. Ask her "WHERE DO I NEED TO BE MORE LOVING & ACCEPTING OF MYSELF" Listen to what comes, and place it at Lakshmi's feet, and feel your heart bloom like the lotus.
She fades as the circle turns once more, & you gaze into the lustrous eyes of Saraswati.  Seated upon a swan, gently fingering her instrument. Even though she looks at you, she sees off in the distance. She see the untapped potential within you. She looks at your throat, to bid you to speak freely what is in your heart. Ask her" WHAT IS IT THAT IS HOLDING ME BACK FROM EXPRESSING MY AUTHENTIC SELF...MY TRUTH" ....listen for the answer, and the offer it up to Saraswati. See it as musical notes filling the space around.
Now see the circle of women begin to swirl, spinning faster, swirling around you until it envelopes you. Feel the STRENGTH of DURGA, the BEAUTY of LAKSHMI, & the INTENTION of SARASWATI embodied in you. You are strong, you are beautiful, and you stand in the truth of your authentic self. The Devi within shows her grace and radiates outward to the world around, the people you contact, and within your heart.
Begin to return to your body, feel your fingers, toes, and hug yourself for the miracle that you are.

Take some time for your self each day, celebrate the Divine that resides within your heart...and shine on sisters.


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Om Sri Matrye Guruve Namah