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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

By Definition

We can find definition, or meaning, in so many places. Things, events, words, people, all have a meaning. To find meaning of a word, we used to look it up in the encyclopedia or dictionary. Now at the click of a finger you can find the meaning for anything, sometimes in several incarnations. So easy to define something ...or someone? How do you define yourself? Two sentences? Or a more complex definition that reveals the depth of the subject, you. Or is the definition of you more a Wikipedia version, created by other people? Because of our experiences as we move through life they can assist in molding our character, this can have good or bad connotations  for us. Sometimes as we encounter others, they throw words at us that stick, we internalize them and  allow them to hurt us. They become the enemy that resides with in because we have allowed them to enter our psyche and become how we see ourselves. The reality is that the only things that can hurt you are the things you allow. It is what we allow in our hearts and minds that defines us. The person that was does not have to be now, we can revise the edition of us. Take a piece of paper, fold it in half. On one side, write down the old definition of you, how you feel you are perceived through others eyes. And then on the opposite side, create the new and revised definition, how do you see yourself, release those words that have limited you  by definition. Write what it is that you want to allow into your mind and heart in a positive light. Read it out loud, several times and affirm who you are now, by your own definition.