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Friday, January 2, 2015

The Attitude is Gratitude; A Full Moon Abundance Ritual

Another year over, a new one birthed, just begun. Brand shiny new and full of possibility. It seems this  past year has been challenging for many of us. Champagne toast, and  resolutions of giving up something. And feelings of weakness when we don't live up to our own expectations. Ever happen to you? So many times instead of appreciating what is already there , the propensity is to look externally for things to validate us. Ever seeking the thing, person, or place that will fufill us. This is exactly what chases what we are meant to have away. Statements like " I need more money" or "I wish I was thinner"" It's a longshot" or whatever limiting mantra you are using at the moment have the opposite effect-we become our words. It is like the horse chasing a carrot on a stick, you never get what you so desperately desire.  When the perspective changes, and the statement becomes "I am abundant, money flows easily to me" or " I am beautiful as I am" " I am grateful for my life experience" the energy changes, and voila-magic happens. Every challenge serves us if we accept it and allow the negative to have a positive effect. The law of universal attraction is we ATTRACT what we present.
This full moon on Sunday, January 4th is a powerful one for exactly this kind of intention setting. Letting go of old ideals that become the limiting and self fulfilling prophecy don't really do anything to serve your life's purpose. Instead, draw  in the bounty of what the universe has in store for you is a beautiful way to ring in the year, and the ritual can really be a powerful way to shift the direction, allowing the energy to flow, and move towards what you want to attract.

                                                  FULL MOON AFFIRMATION RITUAL
You will need Himalayan salt, lavender oil, rose petals,  white candles, a fire safe vessel, a special paper & pen. Be sure that you can be uninterrupted for some time. If at all possible, do the second part outdoors under the Full Moon.

Prepare a ritual cleansing bath  by filling the tub with warm water, a handful of Himalyan pink salt & about 20 drops of lavender oil. Add some rose petals. Light some white candles, and soak in the bath as you meditate on your affirmation. This will remove and release negative energies.  Dry off and dress in white. Purity in intention.
Light a  white, green, or pink candle,  and have the vessel,  special piece of paper & pen at the ready. Write down the statement that will become your mantra for the new year.  Be mindful of your thoughts- thoughts become words, words become reality.  Affirmations of the positive such as
 " I thank the Mother for providing all I need. I am abundant."
" Life flows exactly as it needs to for me and I am graced with prosperity and joy"
" I am open to receive and give love"

Write the affirmation on the paper. Hold it close to your heart and repeat the words 3 times. Then light the paper on the candle, place in vessel and offer it up. Allow the candle to burn undisturbed( but not without supervision). Sit quietly with your intention for a bit. Thank the Earth, the Moon, & Mother for their blessing.
Every morning, spend time in quite contemplation & meditation. Reaffirm your mantra for the year.

Gratitude Graces us with Gifts
Embrace them with Joy!
My mantra for 2015.......
" I am abundant, I am prosperous, I am beauty, I am love. I open my arms to the universe and receive"
Brightest blessings for a Happy New Year Dear Ones!

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