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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Keep Your Hands on the Wheel

Peter Gabriel sings a song that a line is thus..."keep your hands on the wheel, don't say nothing, this is for real." He's right, the message makes a heck of a lot of lot of sense......keep your hands on the wheel and be present. When you are taught to drive a motor vehicle the rule is to keep your eyes on the road, be observant to the signs . Keep the space between vehicles. no distracted driving. Our thoughts are very much like cars, when you are driving your own car- substitute body here, you need to stay focused and not wander off  the road. Thoughts keep moving past us in the drivers seat of our mind, but we need to not let them cause a traffic jam in our head. We need to not think about the past or worry about the future. Right here, right now, in the present moment they do not affect you.  If we stay in the flow, just watch the cars-substitute thoughts here (I think you are getting the idea, right?) drive on by we reach our destination safely, which would be the state of a peaceful open mind. But if we allow those car/thoughts to cut us off,  we attach and follow, much like the angry road rager, we lose ourselves. That's the equivalent of the ego attaching to the thought car, yanking the wheel out of your hand , taking you where it wants you,   and bam, you wind up not where you were supposed to be going in the first place. So, turn on the road forecast in your mind, avoid those thought jams, and keep your hands on the wheel.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Locked and Loaded

Have you noticed that news lately is full of more fires, earthquakes, and tension packed news? If you follow astrology at all, it is an interesting time. We are experiencing a strong influence from Aries, hot and angry. The planets are locked and loaded. People and events are being triggered. We all have these triggers, if you say you have none my friend, you are not being truthful with yourself. The things, people, and places that push our buttons. That button is pressed, and because of the action, there is the reaction in us. It can come as fear, perhaps causing you to retreat inward, or  anger comes, and then the explosion. We see it coming, and beat ourselves up after. How many times have you asked yourself "why did I let ____ do that to me" (fill in your own blank, pretty sure you can!)  But if we allow ourselves to step back from the trigger before it is pulled and see it for what it really is we can change the outcome. Those triggers are really the perfect situation to use  to come from a more open, and perhaps loving perspective. Instead of asking why is this happening to me and coming from the ego, use it as an opportunity for a lesson and see it as such. The things and people that come into our lives all appear for a reason, that is for sure and we are meant to learn  or teach something through the contact. They are a mirror of us. If we can stay in the moment and come from a place of equanimity and see something of ourselves in it, we can diffuse the bomb. Ask yourself just what triggers you, and the next time you are in that situation ask yourself what is the lesson here, what do I need to see. Right now we are experiencing a very strong full moon and the energies are going to be those kind that offset your balance and question what is valid for you. Your limits and buttons will be pushed. Things may suddenly change. Stay strong in yourself, see what it is that is really going on, step back and use it as an opportunity for growth.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Come Back To Life

I travel over the Ben Franklin Bridge every day, and  the toll takers recognize my face, and believe it or not, some actually converse! The other day it was  warming and, gulp,  sunny
 ( I truly was beginning to forget what it looked like!) the toll taker and I exchanged simple  greetings, and commented on the beauty of the sun. ...he said it brings a lot of life. How very simple and true! Light brings life.
We have just come through winter, a very long and grey winter. It has been dense, heavy, and long. Struggling to stay up beat. Buried under layers of clothing. Waiting for the darkness to end.  We have been hanging on, looking for signs, that spring is just around the corner for some time....hopeful for the light, warmth, and beauty it brings. The symbolism of the past week with Passover and Easter mirror this.....there is a struggle, darkness, austerity and a hanging on -hoping for the light to return. But return it does through the process of trust. The seed has to endure the harshness of winter. We all have situations and times that bring us into that place of darkness and stagnation. We question.   But just as the sun shines its light and warmth, and the soft rains fall, they rekindle life anew, so it is with us. Our soul sometimes has to endure austerity to reemerge into the light. We can look at that dark place where the seed of our authentic self is buried. There may be the soft rain of tears, a struggle to peel away those layers that cover over and keep us weighed down. The uncertainty of trusting universal process, that something else is at play in the rhythm of the cosmos.  If we stay steady and present,  fix our focus on bringing new growth into our lives, extending upward into the light,  and trim away the stagnant layers of things that no longer serve us or feed our soul, we can really reemerge finding lightness in our being and truly come back to life.