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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Sky is the Limit

"Limited to one per customer. I'm at my limit." Even the speed limit, there is that wall of not going beyond. Some limitations are good, in fact,  necessary, but sometimes they box you right into  a corner. In this thing we call life, we often create our own limitations by having expectations. Twice in two days, it has surfaced through others perspectives. Someone was speaking about tattoos the other day with me, and the perception, or  societal "stigma" that comes with them. Another, because I was subbing for my dear friend, who is a well revered yogi..."oh, tell me he's not here?"( Really?) Did you ever come from this place and then have a totally wonderful experience?  Right there, the limitation is created by the perception. Ask yourself, when someone  or something different was presented to you, and right away the mind put up the wall. Hmmm, bet you got at LEAST one....The truth here, is,  that  sometimes this mental/emotional limitation keeps you from experiences that can shift your perspective and connect you deeper on the human level. From the yogic viewpoint, viveka and vairagya-discrimination and detachment. Seeing things for what they really are is what is called for in every situation.  I love the pay it forward commercial of the older woman who drops her wallet, and the goth looking young man picks it up, and contrary to most peoples perception chases her down to give it back. Not what you thought, right? I will never forget some years ago on the way to a teachers seminar in Newark, I got lost when I hit the city, hopelessly! I was beginning to panic. Low on gas, and late, I asked the driver in front of me  at a red light where my location was, (and no, it was not a nicer part of the town, for sure!) The driver said "follow me, this way," Ask yourself right here, what would your  expectation been...(am I going to reach my destination, or is this "scary" person going to set me up for a carjack or worse...). I let go of fear, put it up to trust,  and this wonderful human got me to my conference, and  with a smile and wave was on his way. Don't let your preconceived expectations, societal or otherwise color your encounters, and limit your vision of the world. We are all different, something that should be embraced with no limitations set on our mutual experience......look around, the sky is the limit, you just have to see the sun  through the clouds.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shed Your Skin

For those that know me personally, or read me often, you probably know that I am a major fan of Peter Gabriel, amazing man, profound songwriter, activist,  among many other things. ( side note, he is currently working an  interspecies communication project with the founder of the internet, and Sean Johnson and his  Wild Lotus band will be doing a "Bananafit" to raise awareness) A particular song contains a message of "shed your skin.....this is the new stuff.... this is for real....come dancing in."  This is profound right now- we happen to be in the year of the snake in the Chinese zodiac. They are auspicious. ( Interestingly enough, a garter snake managed to come dancing in the other morning in my living room, message for sure, made me think! Alerted by cat,  the wee creature was dispatched back outside none the worse for wear.) Snakes, you see, hunker down and hide in the cold, conserving energy, and waiting- they are cold blooded. But when the spring brings warm sun, they emerge and bask themselves, preparing to shed their skins. But here they are vulnerable, the eyes cloud over, the cannot see. The constricting old tight skin prohibits their growth. They must shed what no longer serves them so they can grow and see the world once again. The snake is connected to earth energy, she is seen as feminine, she feels every vibration, and represents the force of Kundalini, the coiled energy of creation that resides at the base of the spine ready to activate.  We are very much like the snake about to shed, we must let those things that no longer serve us peel away so that we too, may grow, and actively reach our full potential on this planet, we must feel and raise the vibration. Sometimes we  just don't see the bigger picture-blind to what lies right under our noses. Now is the time. We are moving away from patriarchy and the paradigm is shifting towards matriarchy, the time of reconnecting with the Divine feminine. The connection to the Earth, our root needs to be restored, we need to feel her again, and fell and  renew ourselves in the process. This is the time to come dancing in, this is for real.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Who's got the Golden Ticket?

If you are a regular part of the yoga or "new age" community at large, you are no stranger to the term "enlightenment." In a society that is seeking something, a deeper meaning, we all want a some. If you are a fan of family and children's movies and saw Willy Wonka, Mr. Wonka ( played by the ever capricious Gene Wilder) seems to have that special something and is giving away just a few special "golden tickets" that guarantee the winners entrance to the magic realm of Wonka. The lowly Charlie Bucket who has a light in his heart, can't imagine he has what it takes, wins, and the other more likely characters fall by the wayside with their greed and entitlement (poor Violet and Otto!) Who doesn't want that and a Kit Kat? We see that golden ticket to enlightenment as making us special, above the rest. Sorry to disappoint you folks out there in candyland, it doesn't. It does not give you the key to the kingdom. True enlightenment comes from realization that we are not the stuff, the label, the brand. It comes from "vidya", knowledge of the true self without all the b....s...t. ( Fill in the blank, please!) Little secret- the golden ticket is the light of your soul-we all have one. Just have to unwrap it.  In our modern age we live in a  society full of narcissism that is attached to the material, the status quo and this blocks us from seeing that by the practice of non dualism it is what sets us on the road to a state of grace-non attachment to the past, non projection about the future, seeing everyone and everything as divinely one. Equanimity. When you step through this door, you step into the place of "Satchitanand" or Being, Consciousness, Bliss.  We reach the said bliss not from the goodies of the material world, but from the consciousness of who we really are. The odds aren't so bad, probably much better than our hero Charlie Bucket had, and he made it, so....who's got the Golden Ticket?
                                                    Oh purnamidam purnamidat purnat purmudatchite
                                                     Purnasya purnamadaya purnamayvavashisatay
                                           "What is whole and perfect will always be whole and perfect
                                                           Even when nothing else remains."

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