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Friday, December 28, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

Expectations. We all have them, we expect things to happen the way WE expect them to. Period.  Society has expectations, we have them for others, we have them for ourselves. But when that doesn't occur, we get the big let down, whether we let ourselves, someone else down or fall short of others expectation. Then BAM, we are questioning why  and beating ourselves up, becoming perhaps depressed, or closing ourselves off from others to hide those feelings. of inadequacy.  At this time of year, more than any other there is a myriad of expectation, and it brings stuff up in us. Especially if you see what the media portrays to us....(psst, I will tell you a secret-no I didn't get the Lexus with the big red bow under my Christmas tree, either!)
We can change our perspective, turn away from what is presented- an illusion, or "maya" from the yogic standpoint.  It clouds our judgement and makes us seek what is not real, perhaps just to meet the bar .Try to  remember all that glitters is not gold. When you let go of expectation, and just allow yourself to be open to a sense of gratitude for every moment life takes on a new meaning.
So many right now are struggling, we have had weather extremes that have wrought havoc, tragedies where precious lives have been lost, we need to see that each day is to be savored, not expected. By expecting the unexpected it can bring us to seeing every moment as a precious gift. Getting out on a brisk morning and really seeing the beauty of a sun rise, being in the moment with someone you care for, truly just breathing fully....these are the things that  and actually listening, keep us in the moment and can bring us gratitude and true joy- it opens the heart. Don't go to the place of inadequacy, know that everything you need to expect of yourself is contained right there, within you, by being open to the unexpected joys of life.